ConsAsia 2019
The lnaugural Meeting of the Asian and Oceanian Federation of Conservative Dentistry (AOFCD)
November 8(Fri) - 10(Sun), 2019

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Important Due Dates :
  • Abstract Submission Opens [March 01(Fri), 2019]
  • Abstract Submission Ends [May 31(Fri), 2019]
  • Acceptance Notification [June 28(Fri), 2019]

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All poster presentations take place in the Grand Ballroom Lobby near B Hall (next to Registration Desk) on November 9.

Clinical Case Presentation

Endodontics 1 Presentation Date & Time: Nov. 9, 13:00~13:40
PC-01 Root canal treatment of mandibular first premolar with two canals So-young Yoon Korea
PC-02 Root canal treatment of mandibular first molar with middle mesial canal Han Shin Lee Korea
PC-03 Endodontic treatment of dens in dente by removing invaginated mass using CBCT Donghyun Huang Korea
PC-04 Endodontic management of a fused mandibular second and third molar diagnosed with CBCT Robin Theruvil India
PC-05 Conservative management of a mandibular molar with a furcation defect: a case report Ryza Indah Permatasari Indonesia
PC-06 Endodontic treatment of mandibular incisors with two root canals: two case report Yu-ra Go Korea
PC-07 Management of internal root resorption on maxillary incisor Hyungjun Cho Korea
PC-08 Management of broken instrument in root canals by bypass technique on first lower molar Kevin Prayogo Korea
Endodontics 2 Presentation Date & Time: Nov. 9, 13:00~13:40
PC-09 Management of wide open apices using mineral trioxide aggregate Setyabudi Goenharto Indonesia
PC-10 Management of a traumatized open apex tooth accompanied by a periapical abscess with MTA apexification and porcelain restoration Nunik Nuraini Indonesia
PC-11 Revascularization of necrotic immature permanent teeth with apical periodontitis Dong Jae Lee Korea
PC-12 Regenerative endodontic treatment for mature permanent incisor: a case report Kyu-Sung Chwe Korea
PC-13 Management of immature permanent mandibular premolars with pulp necrosis by regenerative endodontic procedures Soyeon Kwon Korea
PC-14 Restoration of crown-root fractured tooth using surgical extrusion with 180° rotation Yoo-Jin Ha Korea
PC-15 Treatment of external root resorption after avulsion Da Hye Yu Korea
PC-16 Split to save: salvaging mandibular molars with furcation involvement Amudha Lakshmi Krishnan India
Endodontics 3 Presentation Date & Time: Nov. 9, 13:00~13:35
PC-17 Periapical infection-related paresthesia of the mental and inferior alveolar nerves Hye Jin Park Korea
PC-18 Surgical removal of apical fragment on mandibular lateral incisor involved in external root resorption Na-Yoon Kim Korea
PC-19 Hemisection: a conservative treatment of furcation involvement that provides the opportunity for lifetime tooth preservation Dian Agustin Wahjuningrum Indonesia
PC-20 Hemisection 10-year follow-up: a case report Jungmin Kim Korea
PC-21 Intentional replantation of a maxillary second molar Joy Lane N. Cuntig Philippines
PC-22 Primary stability of delayed autotransplantated tooth Minsoo Choi Korea
PC-23 New standard of rubber dam clamp for crown prepared tooth Bo Kyung Lee Korea
PC-24 A case of periradicular surgery: apex resection as a treatment for tooth preservation Iin Indah Aris Wati Indonesia
Operative Dentistry 1 Presentation Date & Time: Nov. 9, 13:00~13:40
PC-25 Surgical reattachment of complicated crown-root fractured maxillary central incisor Yoon Woo Choi Korea
PC-26 Reattachment of a crown-root fractured anterior tooth using fiber-reinforced post Seong-jun Park Korea
PC-27 Reattachment of tooth fragment on crown fractured maxillary anterior teeth Dan-A Kim Korea
PC-28 Management of crown fracture in maxillary incisor by fragment reattachment Min-Gyu Park Korea
PC-29 Surgical extrusion of cervical crown fractured teeth on permanent incisor Kang-Mee Lee Korea
PC-30 Management of a crown-root fractured maxillary incisor by surgical extrusion with 180˚ rotation Song Mun Seop Korea
PC-31 Forced eruption for anterior traumatized teeth Ji-Eun Kim Korea
PC-32 Crown-root fracture management using forced eruption Hyo Jin Jo Korea
Operative Dentistry 2 Presentation Date & Time: Nov. 9, 13:00~13:35
PC-33 Provisional restoration management for side effect of periodontal tissue traction in forced eruption procedure Sangwan Kim Korea
PC-34 Management of compromised teeth using single nickel titanium wire Kiche Shim Korea
PC-35 Management of complicated vertical crown-root fracture in young patient Hae-Jin An Korea
PC-36 RMGI restoration in Molar's disto-cervical caries lesion using modified tofflemire matrix band Sang Won Kim Korea
PC-37 Intraoral treatment of porcelain chipping of porcelain-fused-to metal restoration by using resin materials SangWoo Lee Korea
PC-38 Direct versus indirect veneer restoration for esthetic rehabilitation: a case report Christine Anastasia Rovani Indonesia
PC-39 Functional and esthetic rehabilitation of maxillary lateral incisor fused to a supernumerary tooth Saemi Seong Korea
Operative Dentistry 3 Presentation Date & Time: Nov. 9, 13:00~13:35
PC-40 Management of white-spot lesions on maxillary anterior teeth Juhee Jeong Korea
PC-41 Direct fiber reinforced composite bridge using natural tooth pontic in root fractured case Eung-hyun Kim Korea
PC-42 Immediate anterior tooth replacement using fiber-reinforced composite with a natural tooth pontic: a case report Jin Young Jang Korea
PC-43 Management of traumatic maxillary anterior teeth for esthetics: a case report KyungRi Park Korea
PC-44 Metal inlay as one of the best restorations for vital posterior teeth: a case report Tirta Asprimi Angraeni Indonesia
PC-45 Onlay porcelain as an indirect restoration on an endodontically treated mandibular molar Mufliha Siri Indonesia
PC-46 Endocrowns: stepwise clinical preparation and restoration using CAD-CAM composite and pressed lithium disilicate materials Noor Aaina Zainon Malaysia
PC-47 Aesthetic rehabilitation with direct composite veneer: a case report Putu Yuri Divina Indonesia
PC-48 Esthetic treatment of discolored anterior teeth with indirect porcelain veneer technique Yashinta Ramadhinta Indonesia

Research Presentation

Endodontics 1 Presentation Date & Time: Nov. 9, 13:00~13:40
PR-01 Endodontic treatment decision of maxillary molars with sinus involvement Sanghyun Lee Korea
PR-02 Anti-bacterial efficacy between passive ultrasonic irrigation and 980-nm-GaAlAs laser application in two root types Yongmin Kim Korea
PR-03 Debris removal efficiency according to different ultrasonic irrigation protocols Gun Heo Korea
PR-04 Influence of age and different exposure time of final irrigant on root dentin microhardness Ja Yeon Lee Korea
PR-05 Biocompatibility of Double Antibiotic Paste and Enamel Matrix Derivative as a medicament for regenerative endodontics Jaeyoung Ryu Korea
PR-06 Effects of xanthone against LPS-induced inflammation in human dental pulp cells Yu-Seon Kim Korea
PR-07 In vivo study of antibacterial efficacy after root canal preparation and irrigation Da-Ni Song Korea
PR-08 Cytotoxic effects of different hemostatic agents on human osteoblasts Yae Lim Kim Korea
Endodontics 2 Presentation Date & Time: Nov. 9, 13:00~13:40
PR-09 In vitro study for suppression of osteogenic differentiation of human dental pulp stem cells Ukseong Kim Korea
PR-10 Anti-inflammatory effect of Bromelain in lipopolysaccharide induced human dental pulp cells Joo Hyun Hong Korea
PR-11 Effect of plasma treatment on dentin attachment of human dental pulp stem cell Minji Kang Korea
PR-12 The effect of different confluence confirmation strategies on obturation quality in Vertucci type II configuration Seungjae Do Korea
PR-13 Effect of gutta-percha cone-mediated ultrasonic activation on accessory canal filling of a premixed bio-ceramic sealer Suyeon Ko Korea
PR-14 Micro-CT evaluation of filling quality of single cone technique in oval-shaped root canals Se Ra Jung Korea
PR-15 Evaluation of Quality of root canal obturation with GuttaCore and Warm vertical condensation technique Mihee Kim Korea
PR-16 Comparison of remaining filling materials after retreatment in the artificial molar teeth with isthmus Kyung Jae Kim Korea
Endodontics 3 Presentation Date & Time: Nov. 9, 13:00~13:35
PR-17 Leakage of interfaces between dentin, sealer, and gutta-percha using different type of sealers Soohyuk Lee Korea
PR-18 Comparison of tooth discoloration by two different calcium silicate based sealers Hyung-Jong Kim Korea
PR-19 Evaluation of retreatablility of calcium silicate based sealer A-ra Cho Korea
PR-20 Retrograde filling quality with a combination of calcium silicate cement and calcium silicate based sealer Jaeheon Jung Korea
PR-21 A randomized controlled trial on clinical efficacy of calcium silicate-based sealer in root canal obturation Jihyung Kim Korea
PR-22 CPNE7 derived novel peptide induces tertiary dentin regeneration in exposed vital pulp Yun Kyung Na Korea
PR-23 Quantitative analysis of direct pulp capping on mice using micro-CT Taeuk Sun Korea
Operative Dentistry 1 Presentation Date & Time: Nov. 9, 13:00~13:50
PR-24 Antimicrobial Effect of Polyphenon 60 against Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sobrinus Il Hwa Lee Korea
PR-25 Changes in oral health-related quality of life in the disabled through visiting dental care JaeYoung Lee Korea
PR-26 Use of artificial intelligence for the detection of early caries on bitewing radiograph Shinae Lee Korea
PR-27 Expression of the inflammasome complex in odontoblast pulp cells induced by resin bonding agent DWidya Saraswati Indonesia
PR-28 Effect of pre-curing of universal adhesives on microshear bond strength of resin cement to zirconia Ji Hye Sim Korea
PR-29 Influence of different etch-and-rinse adhesive systems on dentin bond durability Toshiki Takamizawa Japan
PR-30 Effects of 10-MDP on shear bond strength of adhesives and resin cements to Biodentine Bokyeong Kim Korea
PR-31 Comparison of adhesive strength of resinous teeth splinting materials according to enamel surface treatment Yerim Lee Korea
PR-32 The effect of C-factor and adhesives on bonding of a dual-cure resin composite Na-Ri Shin Korea
PR-33 Effect of adhesive application method on composite repair bond strength Hee Kyeong Oh Korea
Operative Dentistry 2 Presentation Date & Time: Nov. 9, 13:00~13:45
PR-34 Effect of etching procedure on the bond strength of biofilm coated dentin Bo-Kyung Jeon Korea
PR-35 Effect of exclusive primer and adhesive on bond strength of self-adhesive resin cement to dentin Bitna Kim Korea
PR-36 Effect of saliva contamination and cleaning methods on bond strength of Lithium disilicate CAD/CAM blocks Kyung-Won Jun Korea
PR-37 Changes in residual stresses on the surface of ceramic restorations luted with resin cements Saori Kimura Japan
PR-38 Can light-cured bulk-fill composite serve as a luting cement for lithium disilicate based ceramics? Ting-An Chen Taiwan
PR-39 A preliminary investigation of a novel CAD-CAM polymer crown Muhammad Syafiq Alauddin Malaysia
PR-40 2-year clinical evaluation and comparison of Bulk-fill and Micro-hybrid composite resin Wonhuy Choi Korea
PR-41 Color stability of esthetic composite resins with different polishing systems Bora Song Korea
PR-42 Color stability of esthetic restorative materials after application of fluoride varnishes Chul Hoon Jang Korea
Operative Dentistry 3 Presentation Date & Time: Nov. 9, 13:00~13:45
PR-43 Color stability of conventional resin composite cements and self-adhesive cements immersed in 37℃ water Ayaka Hori Japan
PR-44 Anti-cariogenic biofilm effect of zinc glass-containing glass ionomer cement after long-term water immersion using in vitro MRD flow cell study Traithawit Naksagoon Japan
PR-45 The effect of concentration and temperature of HF etching on the SBS to Y-TZP Hyoeun Kim Korea
PR-46 Effect of palsma treatment on zirconia bonding to resin cement Sooyoung Yu Korea
PR-47 Effect of cementation protocols, curing mode and thermocycling on push-out bond strength of fiber post Haseon Lo Korea
PR-48 The effect of silver coating on the mechanical properties of L605 cobalt chromium Widowati Siswomihardjo Indonesia
PR-49 A randomized controlled trial of bleaching toothpaste with two different concentration of hydrogen peroxide Jei Kim Korea
PR-50 Homogeneity of dental curing light beam profile Hyoungseok Ko Korea
PR-51 The effect of desensitizers on the dentinal tubule occlusion Sang-su Lee Korea
Endodontics - Non competition
PR-52 Antibacterial efficacy of Garcinia indica, Cinnamomum cassia, and Azadirachta indica against Enterococcus faecalis Karthick Soundararajan India
PR-53 Inhibition of glucan formation by Lactobacillus acidophilus of by a calcium hydroxide and propolis combination Sukaton Sukaton Indonesia
PR-54 Effective dose of combined calcium hydroxide-propolis to inhibit Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans biofilms Ira Widjiastuti Indonesia
PR-55 Inhibitory effect of exposure to a combination of calcium hydroxide and propolis against Lactobacillus acidophilus biofilm formation Nirawati Pribadi Indonesia
PR-56 Comparison of antibacterial efficacy of red pomegranate extract (Punica Granatum) and 2.5% Sodium hypochlorite against Enterococcus Faecalis Olivia Vivian Widjaja Indonesia
PR-57 Comparison and evaluation of the efficiency of different irrigation systems at the apical third of the root canal Vinisha Pandey India
PR-58 Push-out bond strength of a glass ionomer–impregnated gutta percha/glass ionomer sealer system Ahmed Elsheikh Egypt
Operative Dentistry - Non competition
PR-59 Extracellular polymeric substance degradation of Streptococcus mutans biofilm by irradiation with a 405 nm laser diode Kun Ismiyatin Indonesia
PR-60 Effective concentration of calcium hydroxide - Propolis against Lactobacillus acidophilus Edward Irwantoro Indonesia
PR-61 The difference in antibacterial effect between ethanol extracts of Citrus Aurantifolia and Citrus limon against Streptococcus mutans: an in vitro study Vialyne Dinata Indonesia
PR-62 Fluoride-induced expression of the amelogenin protein in amelogenesis and density of enamel Soegeng Wahluyo Indonesia
PR-63 Staining over non-cavitated enamel after application of silver diamine fluoride: a case series Hui-Chen Chan Taiwan
PR-64 Minimal-intervention dentistry : an eye towards the future Ahana Chandra India
PR-65 The status of dental fitness of Indonesian soldiers based on antemortem data from 2016 to 2018 Rahmi Amran Indonesia
PR-66 Total MMP-1 and TGF-β1 expression after the application of MMA and 4-META Adioro Soetojo Indonesia
PR-67 Effect of surface treatment with self-etching ceramic primer on repair bond strength of aged resin Kyunga Bae Korea
PR-68 Evaluation of biofilm growth on a new matrix system for fiber-reinforced composite resin Siti Sunarintyas Indonesia
PR-69 Hardness difference between packable composite and bulk fill composite Dini Khalidja Indonesia
PR-70 Comparison of microleakage between self-adhering flowable composite and conventional flowable composite after citric acid immersion Yovita Yonas Indonesia
PR-71 The roughness of microhybrid composite resin surfaces after polishing with diamond paste and aluminum paste Nanik Zubaidah Indonesia
PR-72 Effect of polishing materials on the surface roughness of resin composites Pipop Saikaew Thailand
PR-73 Prolonged silicon and sodium release from dental resin composites Madeline Yon Hong Kong
PR-74 Remineralization potential of fluoride to GIC compared with RMGIC of enamel lesions Sri Kunarti Indonesia
PR-75 Penetration of hydrogen peroxide through bovine teeth and color change after using different bleaching agents Choltacha Harnirattisai Thailand


Endodontics Presentation Date & Time: Nov. 9, 13:00~13:15
SP-01 Treatment of severely calcified mandibular right first molar due to secondary dental caries Jae-sung Choi Korea
SP-02 Endodontic retreatment of gold-crowned premolar with chronic apical abscess: problems confronted during retreatment Youngwook Song Korea
SP-03 Root Canal Treatment of Maxillary First Premolar with type Ⅱ canal Ji-Cheol Ha Korea
Operative Dentistry Presentation Date & Time: Nov. 9, 13:15~13:30
SP-04 Management of multiple erosive lesions Chae-lynn Yoon Korea
SP-05 Full veneer crown restoration on fractured mandibular second premolar with fiber post Seong-Kil Kim Korea
SP-06 Class Ⅱ Direct Composite Resin Restoration on distal secondary caries of Mandibular 1st Premolar Seol Kim Korea